Arsenal: Calum Chambers can re-re-re-prove himself against City

Arsenal’s defense has an easy enough solution—trust Calum Chambers. But just in case you need him to re-re-re-prove himself, let’s watch Manchester City.

I don’t know if I can recall another Arsenal player who has done so much with so little regard from the fans and management. Calum Chambers has been at the club for half a decade. That’s pretty crazy. Now granted, that includes two full-year loans, but still. Five years a Gunner.

In five years, he has never been a regular starting centerback. Despite proving himself on loan at Middlesbrough as a starting centerback, then proving himself next to Dinos Mavropanos under Arsene Wenger, then getting Player of the Year at Fulham for his efforts at centerback and defensive midfielder, then again against Newcastle next to Sokratis, there are still doubts whether Chambers is someone worth investing him.

And I’m just left scratching my head. Because I have seen Chambers consistently prove that he is worth it. I can’t imagine what he would do with a full season at the back with the club.

No wait! I can imagine it. Because he did amazing with Boro and Fulham and they’re both far worse than we are.

But just in case you want further proof, let’s see what happens against Manchester City, how about that? Although, if you still require proof, I don’t think you’ll ever truly be satiated, so what’s the use in seeing him do yet again what he has already done so many times before?

I am so confident that he will continue to prove himself against City that I’ll even say that if he in any way contributes to a surrendered goal by a mistake, I will tweet “Granit Xhaka sucks” every day for the rest of the season.

Chambers has grown so much in his time at the club. He doesn’t dally on the ball like he used to. He’s supremely talented with the ball, he’s a cool customer, and that was solidified during his time at Fulham as a midfielder.

We keep asking for big flashy signings, forgetting that at the time, Chambers was that big flashy signing. He just needed time to develop. Now he has developed, he’s ready to star in the role he’s been building towards, and it’s ridiculous that some still don’t think so.

Also, he hasn’t quit on it for five years. What does that say about the guy? Top class talent, top class lad. Let’s call it what it is.