Arsenal: Peer pressure could go a long way for Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka is being told by numerous people to sign a new deal with Arsenal. Now we will see just how powerful that peer pressure can be.

Bukayo Saka‘s contract situation is all the talk of the Arsenal town. Especially as he continues to rise above the competition for most assists on the team. No one else has proven a consistent creator, but Saka is doing exactly that. He’s making tons of chances, he’s ripping apart defenses, and making just £3,000 a week, it’s time to up that dollar (pound, sorry).

More importantly (for us, not him… well, him too), it’s time to up that timeframe. Losing Bukayo Saka as a teenager would be the hardest blow to weather since Serge Gnabry left the club under different circumstances.

Circumstances that the club should absolutely be held accountable for. Saka’s is different, though it would be equally painful.

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So the question is how we get him to sign the deal. According to rumors, it’s not going to be easy to secure his signature, as Saka is banking on European play, and rightfully so. He needs game time, and European competition guarantees that like nothing else can.

In the meantime though, there are a lot of ways to start pushing Saka towards signing the deal as the season wears on.

One such way is peer pressure. And after that tremendous performance against Olympiakos, numerous stars aren’t just telling Saka personally, behind closed doors, that he should sign the deal, but they are telling him over social media and through statements to the press.

Alexandre Lacazette and Bernd Leno—our 2018-19 player of the season and 2019-20 player of the season, respectively—have both urged Saka to sign the deal. The only person who needs to weigh in now is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, then we’ll have two player’s of the season and a Golden Boot winner urging him to stay.

Which, as I pointed out in Bernd Leno’s case, indicates a willingness to stay on the other side of things as well. If Lacazette and Leno are both urging Saka to stay, then clearly they have intentions of staying as well, since it doesn’t do them much good if Saka stays if they plan on leaving.

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Keep peer pressuring, guys! I don’t say that often, but in this case, it will only breed good things. There is literally nothing that can go wrong if his teammates are pushing the issue.