Arsenal: 5 reasons Granit Xhaka is still the future

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Arsenal, Granit Xhaka

Arsenal, Granit Xhaka (Photo by Chloe Knott – Danehouse/Getty Images)

Turns out some Arsenal fans still aren’t convinced that Granit Xhaka is a part of the future. Here are four reasons why he is exactly that.

I haven’t gushed about Granit Xhaka in a while, and seeing as how my co-expert Andy just wrote his three reasons why Granit Xhaka is not a part of Arsenal’s future, I thought I would counteract (and two-up, if anyone’s counting) with four reasons of my own pertaining to why he is, in fact, exactly that—the future.

Arsene Wenger brought in Granit Xhaka to be the future of this midfield and while it took some getting used to, Wenger was proven right by the Swiss control tower. Though he has been hated and criticized and targeted and bullied by jerks, he’s always had one thing on his mind—succeeding at Arsenal.

It was last year that we truly saw him strutting his stuff, prior to his injury, and he proved that he has what it takes to be the anchor this midfield so desperately needs. But before I blabber too much in generalities, let’s get down to the five specific reasons why Granit Xhaka is still a big part of this club’s future.

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We start with No. 5

5. Consistency

Yes, I said it, Granit Xhaka is consistent. You know how I can tell? Because the amount of times people actively complain about him over the past two years has drastically decreased to about once or twice every few months. Even less this year, following him patching things up with fans following the Crystal Palace debacle.

The problem is that when the club struggles, fans look for someone to blame, and it’s always easy to blame Xhaka, because everyone is doing it. But now that we’re doing quite well, there’s no need to blame anyone and Xhaka is finally able to settle in, free of heaping criticism, and establish that he is still just as good as he was pre-injury last year.

When you’re building a team for the future, you need consistency, and Granit Xhaka is exactly that. So get on board or be quiet.

On to No. 4.

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