Arsenal: 3 facts that debunk Hector Bellerin exit talks

Arsenal, Hector Bellerin(Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Arsenal, Hector Bellerin(Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images) /
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Inter Milan are supposedly looking to poach Hector Bellerin from Arsenal, but both factors in the supposed exit talk sound like utter garbage.

If you take transfer rumors at face value, Arsenal is flirting with losing their two captains, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Hector Bellerin. While the former makes sense and is completely dependent on the situation, the latter makes very little sense and shouldn’t be read into very much at all.

Especially given the nature of the report. ESPN is reporting that Antonio Conte over at Inter Milan is gunning for the Spanish rightback, as he apparently sees an opening to snatch him away from the Emirates.

This isn’t the first time Bellerin has been tied to an exit, as it was just a few years ago that Barcelona came poking around for their former youth star. Back then was a threat. Now? Not so much.

Hector Bellerin isn’t leaving Arsenal, and here’s why

And it’s easy to dismantle, too. Here are the three factors that make these transfer talks absolute and utter garbage.

We start with No. 3.

3. He sees progression already

One of the stipulations of Hector Bellerin potentially seeking an exit was that he had to see a progression from the club under Mikel Arteta. For starters, it’s too early to be capable of judging that progression, but that doesn’t make for good proof, so how bout all the positive stuff Bellerin has said about the state of the club since Arteta took over?

Remember that time in January when Bellerin was already talking about the great things that this club could obtain under Mikel Arteta? Yeah, I remember it too. That is not spoken like a man who wants to leave. And the Gunners have only gotten better since then.

Or, more recently, Bellerin was outspoken about how much Arteta unified the team as they near a return to action. That sounds like a man who believes in the progression he is seeing at the club and wants to be a part of it for longer than just half a season.

On to one stone-cold fact at No. 2.