Arsenal: The best thing about Matteo Guendouzi is back

Arsenal, Matteo Guendouzi (Photo by GARETH FULLER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Arsenal, Matteo Guendouzi (Photo by GARETH FULLER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

When Matteo Guendouzi was playing regularly at Arsenal, we saw so much of what made him special, and we’re seeing it again now.

From the moment Matteo Guendouzi first arrived, from those first two matches against Manchester City and Chelsea way back when, Arsenal knew they had someone special. It’s what prompted the £60m from PSG after just half a season.

Guendouzi really started to come into his own under Unai Emery when he was playing every match. We were seeing his best, he was getting better, but that all came to an abrupt half when Mikel Arteta took over and Guendouzi was weeded out.

Just like that, talk of him being sold came up again. And not many people were that opposed to it. He wasn’t a factor, he was young and unproven. At least that’s what we remembered about him while the team succeeded without him.

Arsenal is seeing the best of Matteo Guendouzi again

But with just two matches back into the Premier League season, Guendouzi has started both matches. In just those two matches, we’re seeing what made Guendouzi so special in the first place.

It’s that crazy factor of improving every time he takes the pitch. As well as proving that there really isn’t anything he can’t do in the midfield.

We’ve always known he’s an all-action guy. That goes without saying. But it’s what he’s doing around that basic all-action that helped me remember what it was like seeing Guendouzi every single match.

His passing was just pristine. You know that a guy is special when he can pick out a pass that as spectators, we can’t even see because it’s off the screen. It’s just like Granit Xhaka, and as we always say, Guendouzi is the biggest and only threat to Xhaka’s dominion in the midfield. If Guendouzi continues to grow and develop like he is, he would be clearing his own path no matter who’s in front of him.

It’s still early, he’s still young, but the progress he shows is so promising and as mentioned, it’s what made him so special in the first place. It’s the best thing about him. This innate ability to look different, perform better, display new talents every single time he takes the pitch.

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It also likely means that whatever bad blood there was between him and Arteta—assuming there was any—is gone at this point. Which means that it’ll just be more of the beautiful same from Guendouzi going forward.