Arsenal: Only one perfect solution to Dani Ceballos situation

Arsenal, Dani Ceballos (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Arsenal, Dani Ceballos (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

Arsenal has to decide what they’re going to do with Dani Ceballos, but of all the solutions, only one is a no-lose situation.

Dani Ceballos has had one hell of a year at Arsenal, in all the best and worst ways. As can always be expected, the acclimation process was not kind to him, as he flourished in just that match against Burnely and failed in nearly every other appearance before getting injured.

However, he found the right manager in Mikel Arteta because, after a little growth period, he became the central piece of so many matches. And you know it’s real because he didn’t even have the stats to back it up. It was just there to be seen and fans didn’t miss it.

Which just makes his looming departure all the more poignant. The question has now been raised that even if he costs £45m, can we really do better at his position for less than that fee? Many would say we can’t.

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The sample size is still small though, and we aren’t entirely sure he even wants to stay. His opinion has been so wishy-washy all year that it’s hard to get a beat on.

But letting him go without knowing for certain sounds just as bad. What if we pass up on the chance to buy him and he emerges as this golden midfielder that we always wanted but couldn’t secure because we didn’t know enough?

The only way this works for everyone is an extension on the loan. Everybody wins. For Dani Ceballos, he gets more guaranteed playing time, he learns a bit more about the culture at Arsenal and can see that the Arteta era is growing. Maybe that will help him see that he belongs at the club.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid gets to let their man play more and grow more in the hopes that he comes back better, but since they’re Real Madrid, of course they will be open to a sale. It’s not like they have a shortage of anything.

The only potential downfall is if his price goes up from a successful second-year loan. Even if it does, though, why wouldn’t we pay it if he’s meeting all of our needs?

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It has to be a second-year loan. That’s the only way that no one can have any regrets here. Otherwise, there is going to be at least one party disappointed in the premature conclusion.