Arsenal vs Liverpool player ratings: Wow, that happened

Arsenal (Photo by GLYN KIRK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Arsenal (Photo by GLYN KIRK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Arsenal, Rob Holding
Arsenal, Rob Holding (Photo by Paul Childs/Pool via Getty Images) /


8.0. <strong>Man of the Match</strong>. Tremendous defensive effort. Was nice to see his physicality and strength and maybe a little bit of dirtiness. Got caught in possession a couple times doing what Mustafi does, only less effectively, but it never came back to bite him. Great to see him getting the best of <a href=. CB. Arsenal. ROB HOLDING

Arsenal. DAVID LUIZ. 7.6. His long balls are getting progressively worse. I guess he deserves some credit for marshaling a makeshift back three, but I’m not sure what else he brings to the equation. That said, again, it’s never a bad thing when we don’t hear a lot from him and we barely heard his name mentioned. Which can only mean he did his job convincingly.. CB

7.5. Should have done better filling in on that first goal. He was the one following that run. Or rather he should have been. But he’s Kieran Tierney, and he’s too good to let that slow him down. Still had a great showing in shutting down Liverpool’s attack for such a long period of time.. CB. Arsenal. KIERAN TIERNEY