5 Other Ways Arsenal Could Raise Some More Money

Arsenal, Granit Xhaka, Mesut Ozil (Visionhaus)
Arsenal, Granit Xhaka, Mesut Ozil (Visionhaus) /
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1. RB London

Arsenal, /

A Red Bull takeover: it kills two birds with one stone. We get rid of some terrible management, and bring in an owner who’s not afraid to splash some cash. Sounds like a good idea to me, no?

The Red Bull system is designed to run at peak efficiency at all times, and RB London would be their biggest expansion yet. It would capitalize perfectly upon all of the excellent rebuilding blocks we have in place, and catapult us back up into title contention within a season, if that.

The football they play is exciting, fast-paced, and ruthless. RB Leipzig, within a decade of their inception, is in the title-race in the Bundesliga, playing in UCL semifinals, and setting the world alight with the sheer number of future prospects they’re creating. It’s kind of a delicious prospect.

For what’s more, they take brand exposure and expansion to the next level. We would be one of five different interlocking clubs across three continents, all with the same mission: dominate. We could garner youth prospects from Brazil and Salzburg, develop our own kids in Leipzig, curate a dynasty in England, and send our ageing players to New Yor to end their careers in style.

With over 20 different sports teams to their name, including two in esports, as well as 41 different sponsored events and shows, and countless sponsorships and endorsements (thank you Wikipedia for the easy research) the income would be a constant stream, and set up a gargantuan worldwide network, greater than anything Arsenal has at their disposal.

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Plus, RB London sounds kinda baller, no?