How Arsenal Would Benefit From European Premier League

Arsenal (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)
Arsenal (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images) /

As you’ve probably already heard, a European Super League is afoot.

Discussions have rumbled on for years about the eventual shift towards a titanic competition that would see sides from across the top leagues, like Arsenal, in Europe compete against one another, leaving every matchday to be filled with endless ‘big games‘.

More than a dozen clubs across the continent are in discussion over becoming founding members of this potential new competition, one that could eventually replace the Champions League.

As per Sky News, financiers are working on a package that would amount to a staggering £4.6bn ($6bn), which would see those earning hundreds of millions of pounds in prize money.

Set out in one big ‘league format’, it would turn into a play-off style knockout competition in the latter stages. 18 teams would be permitted into the competition, however, there may be just room for five English entrants. One of the ‘big six’ would miss out.

Should Arsenal be granted a place in the breakaway league – it’s been mentioned that they’ve been approached about joining – then the upside would be quite clear:


Failure to finish inside the top four wouldn’t be as financially crippling if Arsenal were involved in a European Super League, with guaranteed bonuses for featuring year in, year out. Revenues would soar with or without Champions League football, at a time where the Premier League is exceedingly competitive with the likes of Wolves, Leicester and Everton joining the usual suspects in battling for the top four.

A self-sustaining club such as Arsenal will relish the chance for regular income, as say, for example, if we secured top four this season, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that it will be nailed down for the coming campaigns.

No doubt this will be a proposal that Arsenal will jump at. Just as with other clubs touted who can pay off debts and remain firmly within the upper echelon of European majesty.

I can only speak for myself, but it would rip out the very heart of football. We’d see the other Premier League sides sucked into the financial black hole of the clubs in the lower divisions. The closed shop idea eliminates sporting merit. An Atalanta-esque style run to the Champions League quarter-finals? Think again.

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Of course this has, at present, just FIFA’s backing but not UEFA’s, so time will tell. Get ready, though.