Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka Addresses Fears of Burnout

Arsenal are overjoyed at Bukayo Saka’s rise.

The future of Arsenal is also the future of England. Both club and country have other young prospects bursting onto the scene, but none quite as majestically as Bukayo Saka.

He is a generational talent.

Even beyond the context of the current Arsenal predicament, where any positive is heightened amid struggles elsewhere, Saka continues to assert his place as one of Europe’s brightest youngsters.

At 19 years of age Arsenal are already becoming perilously dependent on the Hale End graduate, likewise in the international fold where the impression he’s made in the three most recent games has prompted the rest of the country to put their club allegiances to once side and admire the brilliance of this young man.

Heading to Elland Road on Sunday to face Leeds, the Arsenal fans cheering the forward on are equally concerned by the sheer volume of minutes he’s clocking up. 232 minutes for the Three Lions over six days is not ideal on the club’s part, but speaking to Goal, Saka harbours no fears of burnout.

“It’s a lot of minutes but as a kid this is what you dream of. So I can’t now turn around and say I don’t want to play because I am living my dream, playing for England.

“I played all three games – who’d have thought I would do that? So I’m not going to complain.

“I just have to trust the people in charge will manage me in the correct way and continue to help me thrive and progress as a player.”

It’s natural for a player of Saka’s age to be unconcerned. After all, he’s doing what he dreamt  of on the highest stage for the two footballing entities he loves the most. With a clean injury record so far, Saka’s goals are being played out without any physical setbacks.

That willingness and maturity is a large part of his success for England and Arsenal. Never overawed by the occasion or taking to the field without full commitment, it’s the driving force of his performances.

“Playing for England is such an honour, it’s the highest level you can play at. So I haven’t really thought about it too much.

“I’m still young but for him to put me on in these type of games is an honour and it gives me so much confidence.”

Managing Saka accordingly at Arsenal is imperative. What works in Saka’s favour is due to the astronomical levels of performance he’s producing, he’s played his way out of Europa League and cup fixtures. His importance it too great to risk him against the likes of Dundalk.

Mikel Arteta will be glad to see the back of international football until March ahead of a grueling winter period. The squad is bare heading into the weekend and he needs everyone he can get. As it is, there are no concerns with Saka’s fitness, although caution mustn’t be thrown to the wind with just eight matches of the season taking place.