Martin Odegaard: Partey’s NLD goal was straight from the training ground

Thomas Partey scored a worldie to open the scoring in the North London derby and his captain Martin Odegaard revealed post-game that it was a move straight off the training ground.

It was a superb way to get the red touch paper lit, wasn’t it? Thomas Partey was sitting in space just outside the box. After some good work from Bukayo Saka, the ball found its way to the Ghanaian via Ben White. What followed was simply stunning.

From just outside the box, Partey hit his shot first time and produced a superb curling effort that had Hugo Lloris beat from the moment it left his right foot.

Since arriving in north London, Partey has shown that he is not afraid to let fly from range. For the most part, though, his efforts have ended up in Row Z. Not this time, as he beautifully found the top corner.

Speaking after the game to, skipper Odegaard revealed that Partey’s goal is something that the team practises on the pitch.

“It was a great goal,” Odegaard said.

“We knew before the game he was going to be free in those areas and we practised that a lot, to find him in those areas, and he made a great shot.

“I think he played a great game as well so a lot of credit to him, and of course the team.”

Partey’s strike was beautiful, and it gave Arsenal a deserved lead after dominating proceedings for the first 30 minutes.

His performance against Spurs reminded us of what he brings to the table and how important he is to how the side operates.

He was cool and calm in possession, and his progressive passing was a thing of beauty. He did get caught out a couple of times, but for the most part, he was immense in the middle of the park.

Even without his goal, Partey was one of the better players on the pitch for the Gunners as he controlled the midfield well.

If his goal is practised on the training ground, then hopefully, we can look forward to more long-range rockets from the 29-year-old.