The 14 players who played for Arsenal and Manchester United

Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League
Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League / Shaun Botterill/GettyImages
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10. Mikael Silvestre

It took over ten years after Andy Cole made the switch for the next player to follow suit and much like his predecessor, Mikael Silvestre will be mostly remembered for his time with Manchester United, rather than Arsenal.

The defender is a Manchester United legend, having won four Premier League titles under Sir Alex Ferguson and, of course, the Champions League. He was a brute force and one who had some great encounters with Arsenal during his days at Old Trafford.

For whatever reason, he decided to sign for Arsenal in 2008 and truthfully, fans wish this transfer was never made. He played with Arsenal for two years before joining Werder Bremen. Perhaps Silvestre was the right player at the wrong time as far as Arsenal are concerned because his better days were certainly with Manchester United.

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