The 14 players who played for Arsenal and Manchester United

Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League
Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League / Shaun Botterill/GettyImages
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2. David Herd

After Jenkyns, it took almost 60 years for another player to explore enemy lines. However, it did happen, in the form of David Herd.

Herd had a great tenure at Highbury and he is recognised on the official website as being Arsenal's leading goal-scorer for four consecutive seasons. He was certainly a prolific goal-scorer, as his career statistics speak for themselves. Making 430 domestic league appearances, he netted an impressive 228 goals across his five different clubs.

He made the switch from Arsenal to Manchester United in 1961, having scored 97 league goals in 166 appearances in London. At Manchester United, he is mostly recognised as being a club legend, scoring 114 league goals. In truth, he is remembered fondly by both sets of fans, despite making the unspoken switch.

David Herd was a legend of the game and a forward who could still be used in training videos for upcoming players to this day.

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