The 14 players who played for Arsenal and Manchester United

Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League
Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League / Shaun Botterill/GettyImages
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5. George Graham

When it comes to Arsenal legends, not many can top the legacy which George Graham left on the club. He actually joined Arsenal from Chelsea in 1966, representing the club for six years. He spent some time mastering the centre forward role to help out during seasons of need but he then returned to the more familiar midfielder role.

Graham eventually left Arsenal to join Manchester United in 1972, after making 227 league appearances for Arsenal. It wasn't to be for him in Manchester, scoring two league goals in two years.

Ultimately, Graham returned to Arsenal but not as a player. Instead, he managed the club for nine years, winning many honours and achieving some great triumphs. As a manager, he left a great legacy behind as he was the brains behind signing Ian Wright, who is obviously a club legend in his own right.

For Graham to play for Manchester United but still be known by many as an Arsenal legend tells you everything you must know about his character.

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