The 15 players who played for Arsenal and Tottenham

While exploring enemy line hasn't been a thing of recent times, it was quite common in the past. Here are the 15 players who played for Arsenal and Tottenham.
West Ham United Reserves v Arsenal Reserves
West Ham United Reserves v Arsenal Reserves / Christopher Lee/GettyImages
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10. Pat Jennings

Not only is Pat Jennings remembered as one of the players who played for Arsenal and Tottenham, he is actually remembered quite well at both clubs. The former goalkeeper is recognised as one of the greatest in history and North London should be thankful they got to experience his brilliance. Jennings honed his crafted over an illustrious career, spanning over three decades.

11. Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell is probably the reason why you clicked on this article. Or maybe he isn't since everybody knows he played for Arsenal and Tottenham.

In fact, Sol Campbell is widely regarded as the "Judas" from Spurs fans but to Arsenal fans he is, well, invincible. Part of the iconic team crafted by Arsene Wenger who went the entire English season unbeaten, Campbell won't regret leaving that small club from down the road.

12. Rohan Ricketts

From one legend of a game to another... Oh wait. It's Rohan Ricketts.

Well, I guess you could say Ricketts was a traveller, since he played for NINETEEN different clubs throughout his career. Starting off his career in North London where he was soon shipped to Tottenham from the Arsenal youth academy, his career took many interesting turns, playing in Moldova, Canada, Hungary, India and Ecuador. If you think I'm making this up, check out his Wiki page.

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