2 winners and 1 loser from Arsenal signing Rodrygo this summer

  • Arsenal are linked to Rodrygo this summer
  • The Real Madrid attacker finds his position under threat
  • Here are 2 winners and 1 loser if Arsenal do sign him
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3. Bukayo Saka (winner)

While Rodrygo has the ability to play on the right-hand side, it is extremely hard to believe that this is the reason why Mikel Arteta is signing him. After all, Arsenal's best player is Bukayo Saka who is proven to be irreplaceable in the starting eleven.

Bukayo Saka is the Arsenal player with the most appearances under Mikel Arteta. The Spanish boss is known for using Bukayo Saka, even if he risks injury. Therefore, no player can come into the side and replace Saka on the right-wing.

However, signing Rodrygo does give Mikel Arteta more options in the front-line. He would be a player who is comfortable playing on the right wing with the ability to cut inside, which would immensely benefit Bukayo Saka. It means that if playing Saka risks further injury, Saka could FINALLY get a rest, rather than be forced to play.


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