3 controversial sales Arsenal must consider this summer

  • Arsenal are expected to be busy again this summer
  • Big stars are entering the final years of their contracts
  • Mikel Arteta's process is ready to see some controversial exits
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3. Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey
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At one point this would have been unthinkable, yet it now feels inevitable and is perhaps something we should have done last year.

Although frequent layoffs are the common denominator with all of these exits, Thomas Partey is by far the biggest injury problem (not that it is his fault). The 30-year-old has missed 26 games in 2023/24 ALONE (out of a possible 37) and been sidelined for long stretches of previous campaigns, highlighting how he is not someone to build a team around.

His departure would also be made more palatable by Declan Rice, who is adapting well to the #6 role, and the reliability and success of Jorginho, with the former Chelsea man now reportedly in line for a contract extension.  

These alternatives indicate Partey is not the indispensable asset he once was and the club will be conscious that there are only 16 months left on his current deal, while injuries and age suggest any hopes for fresh terms are off the table.

The iron was probably hotter last summer, but it is better late than never and Arsenal would be wise to facilitate a move at the next available opportunity.