3 gigantic battles which could determine the result of Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

  • Arsenal face Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarterfinal
  • The game is full of world-class players
  • Here are 3 interesting battles to watch out for
Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC - Premier League
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2. Bukayo Saka vs Alphonso Davies

One of the best wingers in the world comes up against one of the best full-backs in the world. This battle will be enthralling for all the right reasons.

For Bayern Munich, Alphonso Davies is excellent at bringing the play further up the pitch. There is no denying that he is a capable defender but his exploits are better used in the final third. Therefore, there may be more space for Bukayo Saka to operate in during periods of the match. These periods are KEY for Mikel Arteta to snatch a goal.

Considering the quality on offer on this side of the pitch (Saka, Davies, Musiala, White), this is where I think most of the action will occur. Defensively, Saka will be called upon to support White but it's nothing he isn't used to. After all, the two have formed an exceptional partnership over the last two seasons.

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