3 most hated Arsenal players of all-time

Here are the 3 most hated Arsenal players of all-time, with reasons ranging from greed to just out-right foolishness.

Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League
Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League / Shaun Botterill/GettyImages
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2. Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole might just be the only Arsenal invincible who is looked back on with any disdain. He might have won two Premier League titles with the Gunners, but you'd be entering murky waters if you tried to label him a club legend.

There's no denying he was a world-class footballer but he was by no means a world-class person. The Englishman was involved in a tapping-up case which, by the way, is completely against Premier League rules. Cole held secret meetings with Chelsea, while he was under contract with Arsenal, and he was rightfully fined.

To be fined wouldn't have sat well with the money-hungry full-back. After all, he valued money over his legacy with any club. In 2006, he left Arsenal and has never been looked on by the fans as anything other than a greedy traitor. Now, he understandably is referred to as "Cashley Cole".

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