3 Positives and negatives from Arsenal’s 1-1 draw at Liverpool

  • Arsenal drew 1-1 with Liverpool at Anfield
  • Remain top of the table heading into Christmas
  • Fails to win yet again away at the current top 10 teams

Liverpool FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages
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Positives #3: Matured performance

Mohamed Salah, Declan Rice
Declan Rice in action for Arsenal against Liverpool / Michael Regan/GettyImages

Last season against Liverpool away from home, Arsenal raced onto a two-goal lead in the first half but surrendered their lead to return to London with only a point. They hung on for the point, but this season, they looked more composed despite Liverpool pecking them back from the lead.

If Arsenal were leading by two goals, even the home supporters would have known that was game over. This Arsenal team looks much more mature and better suited to challenges and this maturity gives them another advantage and believe that they can go on to win the title this time around.

Negative #3: Arsenal got lucky

Trent Alexander-Arnold
Trent Alexander Arnold against Arsenal / MB Media/GettyImages

On another day, Arsenal should have given a penalty away and Alexander Arnold finds the back of the net in that sweeping counter-attack. Why the VAR did not review the Martin Odegaard handball in the first half still baffles me, because, to me, that was a clear handball and penalty any other day.

Arsenal should thank their stars that came out of this game with a point, it should have been a penalty and Arnold should have scored in the second half. They got lucky but you need luck and some measure of good fortune to win the title.