3 positives & negatives from Arsenal's 2-1 win at home to Everton

• Ending on a high

• Jurrien Timber returns

• A hollow outcome for foot

Arsenal FC v Everton FC - Premier League
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Positive #3: Jurrien Timber returns

Jurrien Timber
Arsenal FC v Everton FC - Premier League / Catherine Ivill - AMA/GettyImages

281 days since suffering an anterior cruciate ligament injury on the opening day of the Premier League season, fans were treated to a Jurrien Timber cameo appearance on the final day.

The Dutch defender has missed almost the entirety of the season after showing such promise in pre-season, and his absence has been a huge blow for the club.

Seeing him back on the pitch with the first team, and able to play more than 20 minutes of Premier League football, was a real shining light on an otherwise disappointing afternoon.

His presence in the team could be vital next season, as we have already seen how versatile and technical he can be under Arteta's system, something we can only hope resumes in the next campaign.

Negative #3: A hollow outcome for football

Mikel Arteta
Arsenal FC v Everton FC - Premier League / Shaun Botterill/GettyImages

115. That is how many charges the Premier League have levied against their new (or I should say re-crowned) champions, Manchester City.

These charges range from failure to cooperate with the league to failing to provide accurate financial information, and frankly, I am sick of them (the charges).

I would not dare say that they are guilty, though I have my suspicions like most people with an ounce of common sense, but the simple existence and prolongment of such charges is a source of infuriation for many.

The case is set to be heard at the end of this year, and a verdict could be more than a year away still, despite them being originally charged 16 months ago, in February 2023.

Some will say 'If they are guilty then they will pay so do not worry,' but do you trust the Premier League to fight this sufficiently? After all, Manchester City have already evaded UEFA charges with delays and legal hold-ups.

And no I am not salty and bitter (okay, maybe I am a little), but missing out on the title to a team accused of such vast cheating stings, especially when there is no end in sight, and certainly no justice on the horizon.

How can anybody celebrate or accept the Premier League champions when, in two seasons' time, they may be confined to National League football?