3 positives & negatives from Arsenal 1-0 defeat at FC Porto

  • Late goal condemn Arsenal to round of 16 first leg defeat against Porto
  • The team were competitive for 93 minutes
  • They have a second chance at redemption at the Emirates

FC Porto v Arsenal FC: Round of 16 First Leg - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
FC Porto v Arsenal FC: Round of 16 First Leg - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages
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Positive #3: A chance to redeem themselves in the second leg

Mikel Arteta, Gabriel Martinelli, Leandro Trossard
FC Porto v Arsenal FC: Round of 16 First Leg - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Diego Souto/GettyImages

Arsenal switched off in the 94th minute and were heavily punished with a goal. In a one-legged knockout competition, Gelano’s goal would've sent them out of the competition, but in a two-legged tie, they have a chance to redeem themselves and turnover a slim advantage that Porto is taking to England. Knowing how intense Mikel Arteta is and how demanding the players are of themselves, the Emirates Stadium will be ready and fans rocking for what many will consider the biggest test of this group of players.

Arteta said after the game that it is clear what the team needs to do: “It's clear what we have to do. Now, it's more clear than before. You want to be in the quarter finals, you have to beat the opponent and, we're going prepare that for our supporters to have a real go.”

Negative #3: Conceding late goal

Football can be very cruel, but there is no denying that Porto deserved the win. That does not mean that Arsenal deserved to lose the game. Arsenal have been one of the teams to score late goals this season to win matches, but it came back to hunt them this time around.

Arteta was ­furious at the 94th‑minute con­cession – curled home superbly from long‑range by the Porto winger Galeno – saying his team had failed to manage the situation. 

Arteta passed unforgiving judgment on the performance as a whole, which derailed the club’s momentum. They had arrived in northern Portugal having won all five of their matches since the winter break.

“I am very disappointed with the way we gave the game away at the end. Not managing that situation well enough. You get punished in the Champions League. If you cannot win it, you don’t lose it.”