3 reasons why Ben White is right to reject Gareth Southgate

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2. He doesn't play... So what's the point?

Seems like such a surface level thing to say but it's true. Ben White could be in the form of his life and he still wouldn't get into the starting eleven. Look at last season for example, White was one of the best English full-backs in the Premier League but he didn't get a single minute for England at the World Cup.

I know, I know. He could "fight for his place" but realistically, what is the point? I'm not going out on a limb by saying that Southgate has his favourites. Everybody knows it - It's the exact reason why Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson continue to make the squad.

White will not play until England get a new manager. That's edging more towards fact than opinion, unfortunately. Therefore, his time is best utilised honing his skills, rather than unnecessary travel.

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