3 reasons why Benjamin Sesko rejected Arsenal to stay at RB Leipzig

  • Why did Benjamin Sesko decide to stay at RB Leipzig
  • Perceived pressure from Arsenal and the media
  • Huge financial advantage for the German club
RB Leipzig striker Benjamin Sesko
RB Leipzig striker Benjamin Sesko / Maja Hitij/GettyImages
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It seemed destined that RB Leipzig’s exciting striker, Benjamin Sesko, would join Arsenal this summer, despite competition from Chelsea and Manchester United.

Mikel Arteta is building an exhilarating project at Arsenal, and every ambitious young striker wants to be part of something that Arteta believes will certainly go "boom."

However, with the Gunners eagerly awaiting the Slovenian's decision on his next big move, Sesko has left a disappointing impression on Premier League clubs, especially in north London. His choice to continue his development in Germany, instead of making the leap to the Emirates this summer, should not come as a surprise. At 21, Sesko understands the significance of this decision.

Sesko’s €65m release clause and impressive finish to the Bundesliga season made him a prime target for several European giants. His choice to stay with Leipzig instead of moving to the Premier League has puzzled many football fans and analysts.

Let's explore the three reasons why Benjamin Sesko rejected Arsenal to stay at RB Leipzig.

1. Personal growth

Benjamin Sesko
Benjamin Sesko has decided to stay in Germany with RB Leipzig / Mateo Villalba/GettyImages

These days, it is rare to see young footballers turn down opportunities to play in the lucrative English Premier League. It is a dream for many footballers, except when Real Madrid come calling. At Leipzig, Sesko is provided with the environment and opportunity to evolve into a top-tier striker. Last season, he battled for his spot, starting behind Lois Openda, the team’s main striker. His persistence paid off in the second half of the season, securing his place in the starting lineup. Now, heading into his second season with Leipzig, the club has assured him of a key role.

At this stage of Sesko’s career, it is about more than money. He turned down lucrative offers from Saudi Arabia to focus on honing his skills in a competitive European league. Leipzig’s promise of a central role in the team and a new contract with a pay raise further solidified his decision.

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