3 reasons why Leandro Trossard is a better option for Arsenal than Gabriel Martinelli

  • Leandro Trossard has been incredible for Arsenal this season
  • Gabriel Martinelli has been underwhelming
  • Should Mikel Arteta start Trossard ahead of Gabi?
Brighton & Hove Albion v Arsenal FC - Premier League
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Leandro Trossard is one of the Arsenal players who has improved the most this season, which is surprising because he isn't in the starting lineup as much as some other players. Mikel Arteta certainly values him but he mainly competes for a position against Gabriel Martinelli, which raises a great debate - Should Arsenal start Gabriel Martinelli or Leandro Trossard?

3 reasons why Leandro Trossard is a better option for Arsenal than Gabriel Martinelli

Well, spoiler alert but the truth is that different games will call for their different attributes. This post is not anti-Martinelli (that would be quite a difficult article to produce). Instead, this article aims to examine the reasons why Leandro Trossard could be a better option than Gabriel Martinelli in certain matches.

1. Trossard has the superior decision making

A lot of the time, wingers are forced to act quickly and under-pressure. Particularly when they cut inside or find themselves in one-on-one situations, they are required to make quick decisions. This is what separates good wingers from great wingers and this season, Trossard has proven himself to be a level above Martinelli in terms of decision-making.

Trossard is not the most glamorous player to watch but he seems to get the essentials right. What I mean by this is that instead of pursuing dribbles for dribbling's sake, he swallows his pride and releases the ball when the options are limited. This not only brings the best out of his teammates but it keeps the momentum swinging in Arsenal's favour.

Martinelli is more electric, which has its place in certain games. However, Martinelli can be frustrating to watch when Arsenal need a goal because he can forget about the basics, which has been the case this season. Certainly, Martinelli's speed and energy is called upon in certain moments but when Arsenal need composed build-up play, Trossard is the guy.

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