3 reasons why Leandro Trossard is a better option for Arsenal than Gabriel Martinelli

  • Leandro Trossard has been incredible for Arsenal this season
  • Gabriel Martinelli has been underwhelming
  • Should Mikel Arteta start Trossard ahead of Gabi?
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3. Trossard can do it on his own

Some people won't like this one but the way I see it is that Leandro Trossard can do it on his own, whereas Martinelli relies on other players to be at their best. In fairness, this is likely because Martinelli is the younger player of the two and the maturity to grab a game by the scruff of the neck takes time.

Allow me to elaborate. I do not think its a coincidence that this season, with Oleksandr Zinchenko out of the starting lineup and struggling for form, Martinelli's numbers have dropped. Martinelli relies on ZInchenko to be at his best, whether it be on the overlapping or covering.

Another player who gets the best out of Martinelli is his Brazilian counterpart Gabriel Jesus, since the two have matching urgencies and play at similar paces. I am not personally surprised that with Jesus out of the starting lineup and the two attacking Gabi's not playing together as often, Martinelli has seen a drop in form.

Trossard not only works well in any Arsenal lineup but he actually makes other players better with just his presence. Again, this could be an age-related thing, so it is not a dig at Martinelli.

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I must also add the disclaimer that I am not opposed to seeing Martinelli and Trossard in the same starting lineup. It does not have to be a case of only one of them starting. If anything, I think Trossard's quality could serve as a benefit to Martinelli.


Would you prefer to see Gabriel Martinelli or Leandro Trossard start at left-wing?