3 reasons why Benjamin Sesko is the right striker for Arsenal

  • Benjamin Sesko stands out among the Gunners' striker targets as the one they must sign
Sesko could be an Arsenal player next season
Sesko could be an Arsenal player next season / Stuart Franklin/GettyImages
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2. Experience in Europe

Sesko has already impressed in the European leagues / FABRICE COFFRINI/GettyImages

Sesko spent the majority of his career in the Austrian Bundesliga with RB Salzburg before a move to RB Leipzig in 2023. Despite having played only one season in one of Europe's 'top five' leagues, the Slovenia international is already performing well.

He scored 14 goals in 31 Bundesliga appearances last season, with ten of these coming in 16 starts. Outside of domestic competition, Sesko also scored twice in eight games in the Champions League.

There is no doubt his numbers have not been unbelievable but they are certainly impressive. Sesko has shown he can adapt quickly in order to perform well in a tough league so he could be ready for a chance to prove himself in the Premier League.

With his experience in Europe, albeit limited, Sesko could potentially replicate the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Erling Haaland in excelling after a move from the Bundesliga to the Premier League.

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