4 Benjamin Sesko alternatives for Arsenal to target this summer

  • There are other targets the Gunners could turn to due to Sesko's unavailability
Sesko has signed a new contract with RB Leipzig
Sesko has signed a new contract with RB Leipzig / Sebastian Widmann/GettyImages
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4. Evan Ferguson

Evan Ferguson
Ferguson would be a bold alternative / Mike Hewitt/GettyImages

Arsenal have previously shown interest in Brighton starlet Evan Ferguson but there has been little mention of this in the weeks leading up to the summer transfer window.

Ferguson enjoyed a breakout campaign in the 2022/23 season but struggled to make much of an impact last year. He scored just six goals in 36 appearances in all competitions. However, among these goals was an impressive hat-trick against Newcastle near the start of the season.

Granted, he did struggle with injury toward the end of the season so Ferguson's relatively poor return was not entirely his own fault. Brighton have been reported to want up to £100m for the striker but given his poor season and injury, there is a possibility this could be lowered.

Evan Ferguson would be an ideal long-term investment for Arsenal. He is only 19 years old so, like other targets, would not need to be rushed into action for the club. The Republic of Ireland international also has Premier League experience so would not require too much time to settle in.

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