5 Arsenal players with contracts expiring in 2024 ranked from worst to best

In total, there are 5 Arsenal players with contract expiring in 2024. In true Pain in the Arsenal fashion, let's rank them from worst to best.

Aston Villa v Arsenal FC - Premier League
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3. Mohamed Elneny

This is where things get difficult. Mohamed Elneny is the longest serving player at the club and if you asked 100 Arsenal fans who the most likeable guy at the club is, a lot of them would say Elneny. He emobodies everything the club is about and he puts in a great performance whenever he's called upon.

Even though he isn't the first name on the team-sheet and appearances are rare for the Egyptian nowadays, he brings immense energy to the pitch every time he plays.

Should Mohamed Elneny be offered a new contract? I think he should and it's a hill I'm prepared to die on. Elneny brings only good things to Arsenal - A reliable player to call upon, a positive dressing room presence and incredible hair.

That said, I would understand if Elneny wanted to leave for a new adventure or to get more game-time elsewhere. It would be a sad departure but I would understand his reasons. We'll always have that screamer at Camp Nou to look back on, either way.

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