5 Arsenal players with contracts expiring in 2024 ranked from worst to best

In total, there are 5 Arsenal players with contract expiring in 2024. In true Pain in the Arsenal fashion, let's rank them from worst to best.
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2. Jorginho

Many criticised the deal at the time but Jorginho has turned out to be a solid signing for Arsenal. Signing from Chelsea in January of 2023, the Italian midfielder had a great first year at the club and has been the centre of many great team performances.

Jorginho has been very honest about his future aspirations and he has never lied about wanting to retire at Arsenal. In many ways, this appeared to be a two-way thing, since the club saw him as a short-term option when he originally signed, hence why his contract is due to expire already.

But is anyone else starting to get attached to Jorginho? The more he plays, the safer we feel about the midfield play. I guess this is exactly the trademark he's built and why every team he's played for has been successful.

It would be great to see Jorginho offered a new contract as he's a well-liked figure at Arsenal. Given his age, though, I would understand if he looked to move elsewhere to spend his final few years.