5 funniest Ben White moments during his time at Arsenal

  • Ben White is one of Arsenal’s player
  • But he is also a hilarious guy off the pitch
  • Here are the 5 funniest Ben White moments at Arsenal
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Ben White is not only a brilliant football player but he is also an all-round funny guy. It's refreshing to see because in the modern era of football, players are so tightly media trained that it's difficult to relate to them in any capacity as a fan. Therefore, let's take a look at the 5 funniest moments involving Ben White during his time at Arsenal.

5 funniest Ben White moments during his time at Arsenal

1. It's Benjamin... Because that's his name

Footballers often get asked the most ridiculous questions. Many of them are quick to turn the question on its head and answer it in a way which doesn't embarrass the interviewer, but that's not Ben White's style.

In 2021, during an interview with Sky Sports, White was asked why his X (formerly Twitter) display name was "Benjamin", despite everyone calling him Ben.

With a matching laugh which he clearly could not keep in, White brilliantly responded with a deadpan "because it's my name".

It was the most British response to the question ever and it showed that above all else, White is just a normal guy, not a media-trained footballer who gives the same answers as everybody else.

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