5 funniest Ben White moments during his time at Arsenal

  • Ben White is one of Arsenal’s player
  • But he is also a hilarious guy off the pitch
  • Here are the 5 funniest Ben White moments at Arsenal
Arsenal FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League
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3. I don't watch football

Given Ben White's incredible ability, both on and off the ball, combined with his malleability to switch positions so seemlessly, it's easy to imagine that White has looked up to some incredible players in the past, right? Wrong.

Actually, White is very happy in the fact that he's never truly watched football, despite it being his profession and a talent which he is clearly well-versed in. It was discovered when Arsenal were in a title race with Man City and the Englishman was asked whether or not he was keeping an eye on his title rivals' matches.

To which, Ben(jamin) White responded: "I never used to watch football much anyway. If it was on when I was a kid, after five minutes I'd get bored of it and go outside to play football. I didn't really watch it, I'd much rather do it. Even now, I don't watch football really."

Again, there's something quite refreshing about seeing a player so confident in his own abilities, that he isn't afraid to admit something like this. Others might see it as a lack of devotion to the game but he is more talented than 99.9% of people in the world, so who's really winning? Personally, I find it hilarious.

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