The 5 greatest Arsenal transfers in summer transfer window history

  • Arsenal have signed some incredible players through history
  • The summer transfer window has been fruitful 
  • Here are the 5 greatest summer transfers in Arsenal history
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The 2024 summer transfer window is in full swing, with Arsenal expected to be active. So, to add to the excitement ahead, lets take a look back at the 5 greatest Arsenal transfers in summer transfer window history...

To add some context, the only order this post will be in is chronological order. It will go from the most recent to the oldest signings. It will also factor in BOTH the excitement about the transfer at the time AND how the player went onto represent Arsenal. Therefore, they are not necessarily the *best* players of all-time, but instead the best transfer deals.

Lastly, price will be mentioned, but not factored into the consideration. So, in essence, there may be players who were cheaper than those mentioned who had a greater legacy at Arsenal but, as mentioned, this post ALSO factors in the excitement at the time of signing.

The 5 greatest Arsenal transfers in summer transfer window history

1. Declan Rice

  • When did Arsenal sign Declan Rice? 15 July 2023
  • Where did Arsenal sign Declan Rice from? West Ham United
  • How much did Arsenal pay for Declan Rice? £105m

Arsenal smashed their transfer record out of the park in July, 2023. Before signing Declan Rice, they had never spent over £100m on a single player but there couldn't be a better player to break that threshold than Rice.

Ageing just 24 at the time of signing for Arsenal, Declan Rice was seen as a transformative signing. Having previously captained London rivals West Ham United to a European trophy, Rice was in high demand but Arsenal were determined to sign him, making him a focal point of Mikel Arteta's new project.

Rice, within his first few games, eradicated the talks of his transfer fee. He rendered those conversations useless as he quickly became the most consistent player at Arsenal.

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