The 5 greatest Arsenal transfers in summer transfer window history

  • Arsenal have signed some incredible players through history
  • The summer transfer window has been fruitful 
  • Here are the 5 greatest summer transfers in Arsenal history
Arsenal FC v Everton FC - Premier League
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2. Mesut Ozil

  • When did Arsenal sign Mesut Ozil? 2 September 2013
  • Where did Arsenal sign Mesut Ozil from? Real Madrid
  • How much did Arsenal pay for Mesut Ozil? £42.5m

In 2013, Arsenal announced the surprise signing of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. It was a signing which happened right into the depth of deadline day, with Arsene Wenger previously hinting he "had a surprise" for Arsenal fans. And what a surprise it turned out to be.

Say what you want about Mesut Ozil's time at Arsenal, nobody can deny that on the day of his transfer being announced, there was a whole new feeling about Arsenal. Previously, the club had undergone years of embarrassment but it was Ozil's arrival which changed the perception and made the Gunners more optimistic going forward.

The master of the assist, Mesut Ozil's arrival showed that Arsenal still had the pull-factor to attract world-class talents. Having gone from his partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, Ozil brought with him a technical ability which had yet to be seen at the Emirates Stadium until that point. A revolutionary transfer, to say the least.

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