The 5 greatest Arsenal transfers in summer transfer window history

  • Arsenal have signed some incredible players through history
  • The summer transfer window has been fruitful 
  • Here are the 5 greatest summer transfers in Arsenal history
Arsenal FC v Everton FC - Premier League
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3. Sol Campbell

  • When did Arsenal sign Sol Campbell? 3 July 2001
  • Where did Arsenal sign Sol Campbell from? Free agent (Previously Tottenham Hotspur)
  • How much did Arsenal pay for Sol Campbell? £0m

It is impossible to imagine a world in this day and age where a transfer surprise like Sol Campbell could be pulled off. And I don't mean this in the fashion of Arsenal signing a player from Tottenham Hotspur, I mean it from the context in which Sol Campbell was signed.

The 3rd of July in 2001 was thought to be a routine day at Arsenal. Nobody had expected any signing at all (having announced Richard Wright a week prior), let alone Tottenham's CAPTAIN. Arsene Wenger had called for a press conference, where journalists expected routine news. However, when they were greeted to a grinning Arsene Wenger and a nonchalant Sol Campbell, it made sense.

Having recently become a free agent, Arsenal had snatched Sol Campbell from Tottenham. The Tottenham academy graduate and former captain moved to Arsenal to win trophies and he did exactly that, becoming one of a select group of people to lift the only golden Premier League trophy in history.

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