The 5 greatest Arsenal transfers in summer transfer window history

  • Arsenal have signed some incredible players through history
  • The summer transfer window has been fruitful 
  • Here are the 5 greatest summer transfers in Arsenal history
Arsenal FC v Everton FC - Premier League
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5. Patrick Vieira

  • When did Arsenal sign Patrick Vieira? 14 August 1996
  • Where did Arsenal sign Patrick Vieira from? AC Milan
  • How much did Arsenal pay for Patrick Vieira? £3.5m

Patrick Vieira is arguably the best captain in Arsenal history. He represented Arsenal for nine years and was the incredible leader in the Arsenal Invincibles side. His move from AC Milan in the summer transfer window of 1996 was not without controversy, with many claiming that the £3.5m investment was too much for an unproven player.

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He proved those doubters wrong, though. He was one of the first influx of incredible French players who joined the club, part of Arsene Wenger's revolution.

Known for his incredible box-to-box style and incredible dribbling ability, Patrick Vieira made a household name for himself across almost a whole decade.

He won three Premier League titles at Arsenal as well as four FA Cups. During those years, he won the double TWICE at Arsenal, showing his influential ability as captain to inspire the best out of his teammates.


What is your favourite Arsenal transfer of all-time?