The 5 most expensive Arsenal sales of all-time

  • Arsenal have seen some great players come and great players go
  • However, they have struggled to recuperate money
  • Here are the 5 most expensive Arsenal sales in history
Manchester United v Arsenal - Premier League
Manchester United v Arsenal - Premier League / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages
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3. Alexis Sanchez (€34m)

Sigh. Alexis Sanchez just keeps popping up in these all-time Arsenal lists, doesn't he?

In truth, Alexis Sanchez is one of best Arsenal wingers of the Emirates Stadium era. Signed by Arsene Wenger from Barcelona, he didn't take long to establish himself at Arsenal. He spent a brief period of time as the best player in the Premier League and he was a true credit to Arsenal, scoring some incredible goals and hosting some exceptional individual performances.

However, things turned sour towards the end of his Emirates Stadium tenure as he appeared to become too big for his boots. The Chilean international was a well-loved individual at Arsenal and the fans adored him before he stabbed them in the back.

Signing for Manchester United in 2018, the transfer fee was set at €34m, however, technically speaking, his VALUE was more. He was part of a deal which saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan go the other way. Hilariously, Mkhi performed better at Arsenal than Alexis did at Manchester. Alexis can express his regret all day long but HE made the choice to leave Arsenal, nobody else.

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