5 players who left Arsenal too soon

  • Arsenal have seen many great players come to North London
  • Unfortunately, some of those left too early
  • Here are 5 players who left Arsenal too soon
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2. Alex Hleb

Ah, of course. The Belarusian attacker Alex Hleb just had to make this list, didn't he?

As a Champions League finalist (not many Arsenal players can say that), it is a surprise to many that Alex Hleb spent only four years with Arsenal, making 89 Premier League appearances for Arsenal.

Hleb then made the decision to move to Barcelona in 2008, a decision which he likely regrets considering it marked the start of the downfall in his career. He spent four years with the Catalan club but those four years were nowhere near as fruitful as the matched tenure he had in North London.

If anything, Hleb spent more time on loan than he did having the chance to prove himself to Barcelona.

In hindsight, Hleb's most memorable career tenure was with Stuttgart but had he not left Arsenal too soon to join Barcelona, Arsenal could have topped that tenure. After all, he clearly had incredible ability to retain the ball in tight positions and was showing world-class potential as the number 10.

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