5 players who left Arsenal too soon

  • Arsenal have seen many great players come to North London
  • Unfortunately, some of those left too early
  • Here are 5 players who left Arsenal too soon
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4. Ashley Cole

Okay, now we're entering controversial territory (just wait until you hear about number 5).

Ashley Cole is next up in this list of Arsenal players who left the club too soon. While some Arsenal fans may claim "good riddance" (I can understand the reasoning), those who remember watching Ashley Cole at Arsenal will recall the world-class quality he was showing at the time.

Proving to be one of the best defenders in the world while he was at Arsenal, it was a great shame to see him leave. Particularly when considering the manner in which he left.

Look, I am by no means overlooking the fact that Ashley Cole is a traitor and a money-grabber. However, I cannot help but ponder "what if?"

Ashley Cole would have definitely bettered the Arsenal team, had he not been a money-hungry traitor. Unfortunately, though, he proved to be a stereotypical greedy footballer, who valued money over legacy. If only, ey?

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