5 players who left Arsenal too soon

  • Arsenal have seen many great players come to North London
  • Unfortunately, some of those left too early
  • Here are 5 players who left Arsenal too soon
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5. Samir Nasri

Speaking of greedy players who betrayed Arsenal, who remembers Samir Nasri?

That's a trick question, of course you remember Samir Nasri. Even newer Arsenal fans would have been told countless times about the boyhood wonder who once was given the world by Arsenal, only to throw it back in the face of the club and sign for Man City.

In truth, the club should take some blame for allowing Samir Nasri to leave Arsenal too early. It was a contract mistake (in essence, not tying him down sooner) which allowed Nasri to hold the club to ransom, essentially leaving Arsenal with no choice but to sell him. My point is that Arsenal could have avoided that by securing his contract extension sooner.

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Nasri was showing world-class potential as an Arsenal player. Playing under his countryman Arsene Wenger, Nasri was given the world, quite literally, by Arsenal and he could have developed into so much more. In 2011, though, he left Arsenal to join Man City. There he won two Premier League titles but did not develop his attributes as greatly as he could've done at Arsenal.

Partly the club's fault but Samir Nasri left Arsenal too early.


Which player do you think Arsenal should regret losing the most?