6 players who were sold by Arsenal for the most profit

  • Arsenal have seen many great players come and go
  • They are renowned for undervaluing their players
  • Who are the 6 players sold by Arsenal for the most profit?
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5. Marc Overmars (€21.8m profit)

Of all the players in this list, Marc Overmars might just be the most impressive inclusion.

Needless to say, the Dutch winger is a legend of the game, not just a legend at Arsenal. Overmars is one of the greatest players in the club's history, so it is quite fitting that they made €21.8m in profit for Overmars which is even more impressive considering he played in North London from 1997-2000.

Overmars was signed from his beloved club Ajax in 1997 for a transfer fee of €7.5m. He then spent three years representing Arsenal, making 100 Premier League appearances and scoring 25 goals.

In 2000, Marc Overmars left Arsenal to join Barcelona for €29.3m, paid to Arsenal. This secured Arsenal a tidy profit of €21.8m, which is excellent considering they got three years of world-class service from Overmars.

Overmars retired having won the Champions League, Eredivisie and the Premier League. A legend of the game, to say the least.

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