Arsenal reveal their MASSIVE asking price for Bukayo Saka

Touch wood they won't but if Arsenal ever do sell Bukayo Saka, then they will be in receipt of a MASSIVE transfer fee.
Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League
Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League / Justin Setterfield/GettyImages

It is incredible unlikely that Arsenal would ever willingly sell Bukayo Saka. As long as the club remains financially stable and Bukayo Saka keeps proving his worth to the world, they hope he can retire a club legend. However, it's always the case that there are some offers which are simply too big to refuse and Arsenal have named theirs.

Arsenal reveal their MASSIVE asking price for Bukayo Saka

According to a report by Football Insider, Arsenal believe that Bukayo Saka is second only to Erling Haaland in the Premier League for his price tag. The report claims that the Gunners would only value their star player at around £150m-£200m, due to Mikel Arteta believing he could "walk into any team in the world".

Bukayo Saka is known as the "starboy" at the Emirates Stadium for a reason. The fans, even of the older generation, see something of themselves in the 22-year-old. When he first came onto the scene, back in his full-back days, everybody knew something was special. However, if you would tell them that in a few years, he would be worth close to £200m, they would've bitten your arm off.

But now, it would be a huge loss to sell Bukayo Saka, even if the club received £200m. There are some things in life which money cannot buy and the feeling that Saka gives Arsenal fans when he touches the ball is one of them.

In 158 Premier League appearances, Bukayo Saka has scored 41 goals and provided 33 assists. Consistently since he broke through to the first team, he has been one of the club's best players every time he plays.

In many ways, Bukayo Saka has become Mr Arsenal. A lot of the tactics revolve around Bukayo Saka, so it's plain to see why the Gunners value him so highly.


How highly do you value Bukayo Saka?