Arsenal standout Kai Havertz converts to support Spurs for this week only

  • Arsenal could still win the Premier League
  • However, they rely on Spurs to beat Man City 
  • Kai Havertz has since converted to a Spurs fan… For this week only
Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC - Premier League / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Well well well, Gunners. It has come down to the final day as Arsenal beat Manchester United this weekend in the Premier League, keeping their title hopes alive. Having played a game more than Man City, Arsenal fans will be cheering on any side which comes up against Pep Guardiola before the end of the season. Ironically, the two sides yet to face Man City are London rivals Spurs and West Ham.

So, dare I say it, Arsenal fans will actually be cheering on Spurs in midweek, then West Ham next weekend. What a horrible feeling, am I right?

Arsenal standout Kai Havertz converts to support Spurs for this week only

Hilariously, Kai Havertz was questioned by Sky Sports after the Manchester United match alongside Leandro Trossard, who he assisted for the only goal in that game. Just like every Arsenal fan in the world, Havertz commented on the weird feeling of supporting Spurs for the week.

In his own words, Havertz said: "I'm going to be the biggest Tottenham fan ever!"

Regardless what happens, Arsenal fans can be proud of the team for fighting their way to the very end of the season. It is easy to pick out games from which Arsenal could've done better but in truth, Man City fans are likely doing the same with some of their results, particularly at the start of the season.

It is not a nice feeling to rely on Tottenham. However, if Arsenal do end up winning the league, then it is through their own hard work and amazing attacking displays throughout the season.

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This is why I believe the argument that Spurs players will not put up a fight in this match is ridiculous. They are paid professionals who, by the way, are still battling for a better place in Europe themselves.

Tottenham are neither handing the title to Arsenal nor are they stopping them from winning the league. The timing of their match against Man City adds to the narrative but from Tottenham's perspective, they should want to win their own matches regardless of outside noise.

Still, Havertz converting to a Tottenham fan this week is comical and it's refreshing to see the Arsenal players remain in high spirits and having a joke despite factors being out of their control.

Oh when the Sp- Okay, too far. Got it.


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