Arsenal takes firm stand on European Super League following new court ruling

  • Mikel Arteta backs Arsenal statement on the Super League
  • Premier League clubs stands together against the new league
  • Arteta stressed the importance of playing in the Champions League

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has underscored the significance of prioritising fan welfare as the club firmly rejected involvement in the revamped European Super League (ESL) proposal. 

Arsenal, among the initial 12 clubs signing up for the ESL in 2021, has stood in solidarity with several others in rebuffing this revived initiative.

Arsenal takes firm stand on European Super League following new court ruling

The European Court of Justice's recent declaration, labeling the prohibition of clubs from joining the ESL as illegal, led to the swift emergence of a reimagined league proposal. However, Arteta stressed the indispensable role of football supporters in shaping the sport, asserting that the game fundamentally belongs to them due to the passion they infuse into each match.

"Football supporters and the passion they bring to games is the reason this game belongs to them," stated Arteta, emphasising the importance of considering and safeguarding their opinions.

Recalling the tumultuous events of 2021 when a dozen teams initially rallied behind the breakaway ESL, the project faced vehement backlash from fans, supporter groups, domestic leagues across Europe, and even governmental condemnation. The sustained outcry culminated in the rapid collapse of the ESL within 72 hours.

Presently, only Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus exhibit continued interest in the breakaway league, proposed by A22, while the remaining clubs, including Arsenal, affirmed their adherence to UEFA competitions, reiterating their stance against the ESL.

Arteta reiterated the club's resolute position, expressing their fondness for competing in the esteemed Champions League and their commitment to upholding that stance. Reflecting on conversations with the club's owners post the ESL debacle two years ago, Arteta commended the club's transparent and unequivocal statement, indicating a steadfast adherence to it.

The revised proposal envisions a league structure comprising 64 men's and 32 women's teams, featuring annual promotion and relegation—a concept designed to reshape the landscape of European football.