Arsenal's top 10 goals of the 2023/24 season - ranked

  • Martin Odegaard, Kai Havertz and Bukayo Saka feature heavily in the ranking of Arsenal's top 10 goals from the 2023/24 season
Arsenal FC v Luton Town - Premier League
Arsenal FC v Luton Town - Premier League / Eddie Keogh/GettyImages
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6. Martin Odegaard vs Wolves (H)

A rare overhit cross from Saka inadvertently became the launching point for one of the most eye-catching team goals of Arsenal's season. It came courtesy of Odegaard when Wolves visited the Emirates Stadium on 2 December.

Saka may have been trying to clear the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium when he bunted the ball over from the right. Fortunately, Oleksandr Zinchenko was on hand to rescue the errant pass.

The Ukrainian's neat touch found Jesus, who promptly returned the ball to the raiding left-back. One astute pull-back later and Odegaard was finishing with aplomb.

Picture book stuff.

5. Kai Havertz vs Chelsea (H)

The maturation of Havertz into the type of striker Arsenal needed was one of the joys of the season. It justified, in a roundabout sort of way, Arteta's decision to spend ยฃ65m on the German.

Ironically, the moment when Havertz sealed his place as Arsenal's main man up top came against his former club Chelsea. He scored two of Arsenal's five goals on the night, but the first was a perfect illustration of how far Havertz had developed as a frontman.

He looked less like a roving false 9 and more like a traditional centre-forward when he ran to meet Odegaard's outrageously curved pass. A secure first touch and brute strength positioned Havertz to finish with the kind of oomph and confidence that showed he'd arrived as more than a convenient experiment.

Instead, Havertz has played his way into becoming somebody Arsenal need to lead the line. Letting him build on this season's endeavours can save the club a fortune and funnel transfer fees to more pressing areas, like extra creativity to support Odegaard and another wing wizard.

4. Kai Havertz vs Brighton (A)

A good striker will also develop a knack for being in the right place at the right time. To put the finishing touch on a meticulous team move.

Havertz did just that to help see off Brighton in April. Jorginho to White, to Odegaard and back to Jorginho, overlapping on the right of all places.

His cutback was met by Havertz, who'd been patient, starting and stopping his run. Timing his last, decisive move for the perfect moment.

This was reminiscent of Robin van Persie's prolific swan-song in an Arsenal shirt. It was also proof of how Havertz had refined his game to meet the demands of leading the line.

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