Six players who returned to Arsenal after leaving

There are some things in life which are so nice you have to do them twice. For these six players, playing for Arsenal was one of those niceties.

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Arsenal is an excellent club with a rich history. Notorious for their class culture and being home to some of the finest players in history, it's no surprise that some players cannot get enough of the club. Particularly within this list of the six players who returned to Arsenal after leaving...

Six players who returned to Arsenal after leaving

1. Martin Keown

Not many people know this about Martin Keown, but he technically played for Arsenal during two different spells and it's part of what makes his story so incredible.

Keown came through the infamous Arsenal youth academy, but he found it difficult to break into the team, so he left to join Aston Villa and Everton. Amassing over 200 appearances between the two clubs, he returned home to Arsenal in 1993 and the rest, as they say, is history.

During his second spell with the Gunners, Keown lifted the Premier League trophy three times as he saw the transition the club underwent under Arsene Wenger.

Of course, Keown's career highlight was being part of the Arsenal Invincible team, albeit he only made 10 league appearances during this season. I guess you could say it was worth every penny in fuel for Keown to return to his boyhood club.

2. John Lukic

John Lukic became the second player to return to Arsenal after leaving. The former goalkeeper is a Highbury legend but he would be the first to admit that his Arsenal highlight happened away from home, at Anfield, to be precise.

During his first spell at the club, Lukic made an incredible save at Anfield in 1989, to inspire one of the most iconic goals in the club's history. He played the ball out after making the save, which resulted in Michael Thomas scoring in the last kick of the season, to grant Arsenal the league title, snatching it from Liverpool at the depth.

Lukic returned to Arsenal in 1996, where he played backup to David Seaman.

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