Six players who returned to Arsenal after leaving

There are some things in life which are so nice you have to do them twice. For these six players, playing for Arsenal was one of those niceties.
Inter Milan v Arsenal - UEFA Champions League Group B
Inter Milan v Arsenal - UEFA Champions League Group B / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages
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3. Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell is remembered by the Arsenal faithful for many reasons, but playing for the club twice might not be one of them. This is because, to his credit and testament, Sol's first spell at the club was much more successful than his second spell, where he hardly had the time to continue his legacy.

During Campbell's first spell as an Arsenal player, he made the right call to jump the sinking ship at Spurs to became a club legend at Arsenal, winning the golden Premier League trophy. During his second spell in 2010, he only played for half of the season before being released to sign for Newcastle.

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4. Jens Lehmann

Another legend of the club, who proved where his heart truly lied is Jens Lehmann. He came out of retirement in 2011 to help out the club. After his incredible five-year spell in North London initially, where he was part of the infamous Arsenal Invincibles team, he came back on a short-term deal in 2011.

The reason why Lehmann put his gloves back on after initially retiring was to help out Arsenal, who were unfortunate that season with injuries. Despite only being used once before retiring, he got the send-off he deserved, proving why he is a club legend.

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