Six players who returned to Arsenal after leaving

There are some things in life which are so nice you have to do them twice. For these six players, playing for Arsenal was one of those niceties.

Inter Milan v Arsenal - UEFA Champions League Group B
Inter Milan v Arsenal - UEFA Champions League Group B / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages
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5. Thierry Henry

This man needs little introduction. Widely regarded as the best Arsenal player of all-time and a contender for the greatest Premier League player of all-time, it's Thierry Henry.

The Frenchman, who is cast in Bronze outside the Emirates Stadium, returned to Arsenal for a brief period in 2012. I was debating whether to include him on this list because he returned on loan but when Henry's involved, all rules go out of the window.

Already cementing himself as a hall of famer, Henry returned to Arsenal on loan from the New York Red Bulls. The two-time Premier League winner rolled back the years after coming on as a sub to score against Leeds in the FA Cup. Oh, he also scored a Premier League winner against Sunderland, let's not forget about that.

6. Mathieu Flamini

As far as second-spells at Arsenal go, not many can beat Flamini. The Frenchman returned to the club in 2013 and solely for his man of the match display against Spurs in the cup, where he netted TWO fantastic goals, the decision to bring him back to the club was justified.

After he left Arsenal, he stayed in London by spending a season at Crystal Palace before retiring at Getafe. Since then, though, he's had quite the successful career in business.


Who's the best player on this list, in your opinion?