The ten youngest Arsenal players to ever play in the Premier League

As far as young stars go, not many have had more than the Gunners. But who are the ten youngest Arsenal players to ever play in the Premier League?

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2. Jack Wilshere (16 years, 8 months, 12 days)

Jack Wilshere needs little introduction to the Arsenal fans, who absolutely love him. A player who embodies everything Arsenal is about, he burst onto the scene at a young age - The second youngest Arsenal player to ever play in the Premier League, to be exact.

Four months before his 17th birthday, a young Jack Wilshere was given his Premier League debut by Arsene Wenger. He was brought on as a substitute against Blackburn Rovers as Arsenal won the game 4-0 away from home.

At the time, fans didn't realise how much they would come to love Jack Wilshere. He went onto have some fine displays for the club but none more so than the Champions League match against Barcelona, where he really proved to the world that he was one to watch. Wilshere then had a 10-year career with Arsenal, cementing himself as a real fan-favourite.

Nowadays, Jack Wilshere is helping other youngsters to have their breakthrough moment. Since 2022, Wilshere has been the manager of the Arsenal U18 team, in his first managerial role since hanging up his boots.

Fans will always love Super Jack and they will never stop signing his famous chant about Spurs.

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