The ten youngest Arsenal players to ever play in the Premier League

As far as young stars go, not many have had more than the Gunners. But who are the ten youngest Arsenal players to ever play in the Premier League?

Arsenal v CD Guadalajara
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4. Cesc Fabregas (17 years, 3 months, 11 days)

It's no surprise to see Cesc Fabregas pop up on an all-time Arsenal list. Nothing like that stabbing feeling right through your heart, ey?

Cesc Fabregas has had an incredible career and it's up to debate whether or not he should be considered an Arsenal legend but he certainly made a name for himself at the club.

Playing against Everton in 2004, Arsene Wenger named Cesc Fabregas in the starting eleven. Therefore, he is the youngest Arsenal player to ever be named in a Premier League starting eleven.

It was quite a phenomenal game for Fabregas to be a part of, since the Gunners won 4-1 away from home. Following on from his first Premier League start, Cesc Fabregas went on to have a great Arsenal career, even becoming the club captain.

For people growing up around the time of Cesc Fabregas' Arsenal rise, he would have been a clear fan favourite. This would have likely been ruined when he ended up returning to London to play for Chelsea, though.

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